Monique is an American singer/songwriter & artist. A native of Michigan, she grew up enveloped in the “Rhythm and Blues”.  Her warm distinctive tone and strong vocal quality are a mark of this foundation in American rooted music.


She has sung with world-renowned artists as well as local, down home rooted musicians. All of which have helped shape her into the Bluesy, Americana songwriter and singer she is today.


Born in Livonia, Michigan, she grew up in the Detroit suburbs before moving to Traverse City, Michigan as a teenager. 


Monique began her professional career singing with various R&B groups in her late teens into her early twenties before moving out to New Yorks' Westchester County area over 20 years ago, where she now resides with her family. 


In the East Coast, Monique has shared the stage with many different groups over the years and has performed at world-class venues. She was the lead female vocalist for a 9-piece Funk and R&B horn band for over 10 years before retiring to take care of her son and focus on her songwriting.


Monique received a Bachelor Degree in Music Education and is currently finishing her Masters Degree in Childhood education/Special Education at Manhattanville College, NY. 


Monique's newest album Beautiful Secret is now available!