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Beautiful Secret

I am so proud of this new project.

I spent a year in the studio, alongside C Lanzbom (executive producer & engineer), working with the most talented people, who elevated my songs to new heights. For their part in this, I am forever grateful.


Featuring:  C Lanzbom on guitar, Dave eggar on cello, Dave Richards & Lincoln Schleifer on bass, Joel Diamond on piano and organ, Jeff Haynes on percussion, Shawn Pelton on drums, Louis & Bella on background vocals & Monique on lead vocals. Monique also plays acoustic guitar on Show me along with C Lanzbom.


Beautiful Secret full length album is available

on iTunes, Apple music, Google music and more.

Or purchase the Full 12 song CD with 8 page booklet on this site through PayPal.

Featured song of the week:

Run Away


 Run Away.mp3







Beautiful Secret

Released July 21, 2017.

Click on Monique's Music link to hear "Run Away", the first track on her new album.

Visit I-tunes or Google Music today for full album!


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